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Discover our in cloud holiday management service especialy tailored for the Canary Islands

Descubre el systema en la nube de gestion de VV especialmene fabricada para las Islas Canarias




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Innovative holiday home management 100% automatisation 100% transparency and 100% commitment of a fast and responsive team 24/7 available for your investment in the Canary Islands

Usted es propietario de una VV? Y estas buscando un gestor viable y potente para que tu puedes recibir el rendimiento máximo y con la minima ocupación? Llamanos a 670 468 506

Gestionamos con nuestro equipo viviendas en todas las Islas Canarias. Ademas vendemos su propiedad al mismo momento si usted lo desea!

Do you own a VV? And are you looking for a viable and powerful manager so that you can receive the maximum performance and with the minimum occupation? Call us at 670 468 506

We manage with our team homes in all the Canary Islands. We also sell your property at the same time if you wish!

Besitzen Sie ein VV? Und sind Sie auf der Suche nach einem praktikablen und leistungsfähigen Verwalter, damit Sie mit einem Minimum an Aufwand ein Maximum an Leistung erhalten können? Rufen Sie uns an unter 670 468 506

Wir verwalten mit unserem Team Immobilien auf allen Kanarischen Inseln. Wenn Sie möchten, verkaufen wir Ihre Immobilie auch gleich mit!

BOOK JET property Management Service

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0 start fees! we only charge you when your property is already up and running and ONLY on commission base, we never charge a flat fee or a monthly fee or any other hidden fees.

New onboarding properties get:

  • Free photoshoot
  • bedding included
  • consulting and Organization to get the property ready for holiday let

Towels and Bedding

Full legal support. We help you requesting the VV license (super fast and good value) , put you in contact with a 5* tax advisor, add all guests within 24 hours to the guest reports and have all our insurances and liscencing in place.

Online financial

Our latest feature we will be offering to our property owners is a real time online financial report.

You can check anytime how your investment is doing and being in full control of your passive income business.

Do you own a holiday home ?

Do you think you should have a higher occupancy and income but you have no time to dedicate yourself to the marketing and client contact necessary ?

Are you looking to turn your holiday home in real passive income?

Going kind of crazy while you are reaching this goal, posting on social media, manually charging your guest, not sure how to register your guests with officials and so on?
Overbookings, unpredictable cleaning staff... just not exactly what you expected?

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Inhouse insured cleaning staff

Multilingual 24/4 guest support

All year property management

Online owners access to our software